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Model: V28
Scooter 3wheel V28..
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Scooter Delivery Cargo - S5 Scooter Delivery Cargo - S5
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Model: S5-Delivery
Electric Scooter Delivery Cargo - S5 Change your fleet now with the Delivery, Cargo electric scooter. Powered with BOSCH motor and SAMSUNG batteries! Powerful, long range (60-150km) depending on the choice of one or two batteries. The S5 Delivery Cargo Scooter is the most affordable to use as it can..
Ex Tax:2,330.65€
Scooter electric Scooter electric
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Model: HZ1
Electric Scooter with EEC certificateCan get license plate and drive in road legallyNo Road taxes, environmental friendly..
Ex Tax:1,120.97€
Scooter electric  V-HR02 Scooter electric  V-HR02
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Model: V-HR02
Scooter electric  V-HR02..
Ex Tax:887.10€
Model: GX-01
 Scooter electric  with EEC certification - GX1Actually in reality a good looking electric motorcycle, which you can cruise around the city and enjoy economic riding, and ride in style.Make it ours today! Choose between many colors, and depending on what you intend to use it for, select mo..
Ex Tax:1,532.26€
Model: HZ5
Electric Scooter with EEC certificateCan get license plate and drive in road legallyNo Road taxes, environmental friendly..
Ex Tax:1,290.32€
Scooter electric - X3 Scooter electric - X3
New Out Of Stock
Model: X3
Scooter electric - X3..
Ex Tax:798.39€
Model: Z5
Scooter electric - Z5..
Ex Tax:1,370.16€
Model: SB-01
Self balancing scooter electric..
Ex Tax:780.00€
Underwater Drone - Dory Underwater Drone - Dory
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Brand: Chasing Innovation Model: DORY
Underwater Drone - DoryReveal what is hidden under the waters with the smallest underwater drone in the world.  Small but packed with technology.Great for family adventures, and underwater exploration.  Take quality pictures and video and capture something amazing!..
Ex Tax:475.81€
Brand: SUBLUE Model: SeaBow
Underwater diving Scooter - SeaBowdiving scooter, sea scooter, revolutionary with one hand operation so that the other hand is free, for various applications. Scuba divers, underwater explorers, and snorkelers found this sea scooter very useful and fast...
Ex Tax:966.94€
Underwater Scooter - Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter - Whiteshark Mix
New -13 %
Brand: SUBLUE Model: Whiteshark Mix
Underwater Diving Scooter - Whiteshark Mixdiving scooter, Whiteshark Mix changes the diving world for the future. This portable, diving robot opens the magical landscape beneath the surface for photographers and videographers, explorers, sports enthusiasts and fishermen...
690.00€ 790.00€
Ex Tax:556.45€
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