Electromobility is not a trend. - It is here to stay.

Every day, more and more electric scooters and electric motorcycles are circulating on Greek roads, especially the streets of Athens. Perhaps at a slow pace, but steadily, given the pandemic conditions and the constraint on both travel and economic measures.

Pedestrians, especially young people, who turn their heads and whisper to each other "it is electric", "it does not make noise" are beginning to get acquainted with the image that is formed on the streets. An image that we should be aware of is not a transient trend or expression of mobility but an imperative solution.  I use the word solution, because the aggravated environmental profile of the planet demands a solution to travel either inside the city or outside the city. Conventional fuels, in addition to finite reserves which are becoming increasingly unprofitable for their exploitation, have contributed to a significant generation of pollutants in the atmosphere, leaving -perhaps- an irreversible environmental footprint.

Therefore, the electric drive brought electric scooters and electric motorbikes for transportation which came to stay. It is the future of transportation, an answer and a solution advocated by many different voices with a common point of reference the imposed protection of the environment and the detachment from conventional fuels.

The benefits of using an electric scooter or electric motor do not stop here. I have mentioned extensively in previous posts that you can read such as 10 reasons why you should choose an electric scooter or motorcycle.

The pleasure and enjoyment that comes from riding an electric motorbike or an electric scooter is on many levels.

  • It is moral, knowing that you are writing along with the need of our planet to become greener and to be saved as much as it can.
  • It is technological satisfaction, which comes from the fact that you are driving a technological achievement that is the last word in the evolution of travel.
  • It is certainly economical. Freed from the estimated travel costs, you may enjoy longer distances or more frequent routes.
  • And finally, it is a smart solution that you understand with every kilometer!

I would like to dwell on the fact that indeed, in a city like Athens with a network designed as we know it, with the problems it has, electric motorcycles are a choice that should have come. Fortunately, the conditions are favorable, the technology has matured and will now evolve into electric motorcycles with even greater autonomy, able to meet the needs of drivers.

In simple words, electric motorcycles came to write many kilometers...literally!

At WheelnWater Technologies we have invested in electromobility because we love and believe in it, we do not sell them simply or as opportunists. One understands this both from reading About US and from the first visit to our place, to the new Showroom where we will inform you and bring you in touch with the future of commuting. We love questions about electromobility, do not hesitate to ask us or send us your questions about electromobility and the selection of a suitable electric motorcycle in our email.