Why should you choose to buy from WheelnWater Technologies?

The subsidy platform http://kinoumeilektrika.ypen.gr for e-mobility is going to be open to the buying public on August 24 and will start accepting applications for the purchase of electric vehicles. Stakeholders have already begun thorough market research.

Although e-mobility is not entirely new, for a significant portion of the potential buying public it is an area for which they would like more information. There are many brands and over time more and more companies in the automotive industry participate in the electric drive, producing new vehicles, designed for different needs. Technology is evolving at a galloping pace, something that has been felt in the autonomy and battery life of electric vehicles.

WheelnWater Technologies is a company that remains true to its vision of "filling all the cities and villages of Greece with Electric Vehicles for smart and truly economical transportation."

The company has products with innovative technology, selected from the largest and most reliable factories around the world.

But let us focus on the products, because it is very important. Among many brands and construction proposals, we chose to offer to the Greek public selected products from the companies Horwin and Efun.

Horwin is our choice because as a leading manufacturer in the field of electric propulsion, it typically does not allow any comparison and puts published test reports on its vehicles online.

One of our special choices is the Horwin CR6 model on electric motorcycles. This model was first released in the fall of 2019 and received excellent reviews, participation in hundreds of press reports and has been published online and in print media a variety of reports by experienced freelance journalists and professionals who made the first tests.

It is Horwin's policy to provide all potenital buyers with a practical overview of the test results published so far, something we have appreciated and is in line with our company philosophy.

In particular, the electric motorcycle CR6 by Horwin, was developed for speed travel in the city and has a top speed of 95 km / h while reaching 65 km / h in less than 6 seconds. It stands out for its fast charging which takes just 20 minutes to add an additional 20 - 30 km or just 3 hours for full charge, while it has a built-in battery management system which comes with a 2-year warranty. It is powered by a compact brushless motor with a maximum output of 6.2 kW and 260 Nm of torque, capable of leaving behind combustion engine motorcycles.

In addition, in terms of braking, it has CBS brakes that separate the power between the front and rear discs, achieving a safe braking distance even at high speeds. You can read more features on our page.

The other company we chose to work with is EFUN. With a presence in the field since 2004, EFUN has one of the most remarkable ranges of the strongest quality, economical, electric scooters for individuals and professionals. It is aimed at the entire buying public and offers products to three different groups of customers:

  1. The economical solution, with vehicles with power at 2000W, suitable for travelers and students in the city, for travel distances between 50 and 150 km, at a speed of 50 km / h.
  2. For the most demanding riders, with power at 4000W vehicles, models designed for commuters between centers, suburbs and rural areas for distances between 100 and 150 km, at a speed of 80 km / h.
  3. For the most demanding riders, with power from 5000W to 9000W, models specially designed for hilly areas, for distances from 90 to 380 km, with a speed of 95-120 km / h.

Among our products, it is worth mentioning the EFUN models, the Pusa, Lipo, e2go, M6, Puma, Tiger, which stand out as "the electric scooter with the best and greatest battery warranty" At 80,000 kilometers or 8 years. Ideal for all riders, safe, are excellent proposals at affordable prices.

To mention that there is the possibility of construction, custom order, ie to your measures and specifications as well as special orders of larger scale. Also, certified with international standards and especially of the European Union such as, EEC, COC, CE, ISO9001, ROHS are all the products we have.

With a presence and exports in 15 countries, through our distribution network, we offer high quality services worldwide and we will continue to offer high technology intelligent electric vehicles at affordable prices. Choose us!