The value for money electric scooters in the market


The E-FUN PUSA is a tempting offer in the electric scooter market while it is now cheaper, starting at € 2,100 in its basic version (2 kW). Also available in 3 kW, 4 kW and 5 kW versions. It marks a milestone for EFUN. It is worth mentioning that many nostalgia for the Vespa will pay the price to get it unintentionally.

The E-FUN PUSA is an electric city scooter with a retro feel, in which a lot of effort has been made to give it a classic aesthetic. But the classic line concerns only the external appearance, since inside it is the most modern electrical technology, with a removable battery, capable of reaching 45 kilometers per hour and with a maximum range of 110 kilometers, in it's standard version.

PUSA is an elegant and efficient way to travel in the city, a beautiful, useful electric scooter whose price can be made affordable in combination with the electric subsidy. Value for money electric scooter then!

Pusa features:

  • Autonomy (city circle): 110 km
  • Maximum speed: 45 km / h
  • Power: 2 kW

Pusa WheelnWater price:

  • € 2,100


Designed to serve different needs, the E-FUN Lipo is an electric scooter offer for riders who want a scooter that focuses on urban mobility.

The E-FUN Lipo has a modern design, with sporty lines and exudes a youthful air that will win over the youngest audience. The LIPO reaches 45 km / h and its maximum range is 110 km, developing a power of 2 kW, thanks to which its movement through the roads and between traffic, becomes an active and comfortable operation. Also available in 3 kW, 4 kW and 5 kW versions. Its price is one of its advantages, and together with its low maintenance costs, they make it an ideal choice as an electric city scooter. Of course, value for money option.

Lipo features:

  • Autonomy (city circle): 110 km
  • Maximum speed: 45 km / h
  • Power: 2 kW

Lipo WheelnWater price:

  • € 2,100


With the E-FUN Tiger it is immediately noticeable that the bar has been raised! This is the "tiger" of E-FUN which looks into the eyes of every gasoline scooter with comfort.

The E-FUN Tiger has a clearly more robust presentation and at the same time modern design. Transcending the remarkable appearance, however, what one notices is that the quality of construction is particularly high in both materials and paint. It's definitely a driving challenge for the rider to tame a "Tiger" and the more adventurous usually start with a test drive at the WheelnWater showroom.

The Tiger reaches 108 km / h and its maximum range is 200 km, developing a power of 7 kW. The feeling of driving is not described in words. A test will convince you! Its price is much higher, however the features and benefits that accompany it make it a value for money choice.

Tiger features:

  • Autonomy (city circle): 200 km
  • Maximum speed: 108 km / h
  • Power: 7 kW

Tiger WheelnWater price:

  • € 5,490


The E-FUN E2go comes to mind when the decision for an electric scooter "acrobatizes" the relationship between quality and economy. Do not be fooled by its clearly economic price, because it does not come from a negotiation with its quality, which accompanies it. Objectively, it may be aimed more at an audience that is not impressed or does not give much weight to sophisticated design lines.

The E2go reaches 45+ km / h and its maximum range is 100 km, developing 2 kW power while there are two more versions at 2 kw with 80V / 40Ah and 80V / 52Ah respectively. This is an electric scooter that can economically cover the transportation needs of a passenger and is a value for money option.

E2GO features:

  • Autonomy (city circle): 85 km
  • Maximum speed: 45+ kilometers / hour
  • Power: 2kW

E2GO WheelnWater price:

  • € 1,895

We kept for the end a very good reason why the electric scooters you just saw are value for money. It is the CATL battery they have! With this they have a long duration at the same time with the longest battery warranty at 5 years or 50,000km!