Moving electrically means I move smart

In this article we will answer a complex question which is the following: What does it mean for an individual or a business to adopt and use electric scooters for their travel and service needs?

Well, what we all need to understand is that we are just 14 years away from the de facto final cessation of production of new petrol-powered vehicles.

Some people and some companies on the one hand are already convinced of the value of e-mobility and smart mobility on the other hand have already given priority in this direction. The so-called "early birds" have invested and reaped the state subsidies from the "I move electrically" program, which we remind you has been mentioned as just the beginning and there will be a continuation with a new package of state subsidies.

The renewal of a corporate fleet of electric scooters signals that the company is moving smartly and investing in transportation. It respects the environment and consequently such a move has only a positive effect on the company's image to the consumer public.

Remember that the earlier the transition to electric scooters is made, the faster the amortization will be done on financially favorable terms from the maintenance costs and fuel that the company will save. In relevant articles such as here we have analyzed the financial benefits of acquiring an electric scooter and even comparatively with either a petrol or even a used car!

Although the scenario is hypothetical and long-term, there may be a relevant state concern for owners of electric scooters and vehicles to carry out an upgrade several years later with the motive of withdrawing the older electric scooters and vehicles they will have. It remains to be seen in the coming years to complete the puzzle of electric mobility and to clearly erase the new landscape in smart mobility.

The fact is that in 2021 moving electrically means that you move intelligently.

Those who will be able to break free from doubts, driving habits of many years or emotional reasons for which they are committed to the gas stations are the ones who win the most. After all, Hawking's well-known saying "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" fits perfectly with the change that electricity signals in daily commuting.

In any case, the decision for an electric scooter is entirely yours. The help in choosing an electric scooter and the information is ours, whenever you request it, always based on your needs. We encourage and support your choices with a responsibility that governs the values ​​of WheelnWater Technologies. Our interest in electric scooters stems from the genuine interest we have in their technology! We "feel" every electric scooter that we add to our collection before making it available to the Greek public. Only in this way are we able to serve you worthily with a sense of responsibility towards you.