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No you do not need to create an account to order. You can complete your purchases as a visitor. Of course, by creating an account you will be able to shop faster, keep up to date with our offers, and see your order history and many more benefits!

You can pay with various methods, as per Bank Transfer, by use of PayPal, and debit/credit cards.  For more information, please go to Payment Information page.

For more information please visit our Delivery Information page
Your order ships immediately and depending the Country and delivery address, takes appox 5-10 days to most of EU countries.

Most, yes. It depends on several things such as motors, batteries, colors, most models eg scooters have many combinations. Tell us exactly what you are interested in and what features and we will tell you right away. The stock is more or less visible in our system and you can see the availability.  However, if you want some models with specific features that isn't immediately available, we can always order it for you, exactly as you want it, though the shipping time will be approx 10-30 days, depending on the features, and color.  For more information please contact us here 


EEC certificate is the certificate needed in order for your electric scooter to be Road legal.  If a scooter has EEC certificate you can get licence plates and cruise the roads legally.

Autonomy (Trip duration) depends on the battery.  The general rule is  the bigger the battery, the bigger the trip duration.  For general information please see here:


   12 Ah                       30-35 klm.

   20 Ah                           55   klm.

   24 Ah                           65   klm.

   40 Ah                         110   klm.

If there are 2 batteries please double the klm duration times two.

We would say depending on your needs, a 1500 scooter for example a 2000W scooter is only noticeable on a large uphill slope, and as you go up on WATT the motor is as stronger, and depending on the certification it has and what the max speed can be.

Yes a driving license is needed. For most EU countries for up to 45km speed you can drive it with car license, but others need motorcycle driving license like 50cc, 125cc and etc.

Of course all electric scooters and motorbikes can be insured !

No, they do not need road taxes as scooters are e-green ecological.
Batteries are removable, and are charged in any regular home - office 220v plug. As for the cost of charging, so you can understand it cost same as per the charge of your mobile phone. That is how inexpensive it is!


Depending on the model, please see the features and technical specifications of each product. You can also compare by tapping the Compare button after selecting first products to be compared.

This depends on the model, please refer to the Product Technical Specifications.

For any further information or question please contact us, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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