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Folding electric Kick scooters | Perfect for in city commute, and for off road fans

Electric Folding Scooter - GE-09 Electric Folding Scooter - GE-09
Delivery in 15-20 Days
Brand: WheelnWater Technologies Model: GE-09
Electric Folding Scooter - GE-09With Power Assist..
Ex Tax:137.10€
Electric Folding Scooter - GE-10 Electric Folding Scooter - GE-10
Delivery in 15-20 Days
Brand: WheelnWater Technologies Model: GE-10
Electric Folding Scooter - GE-10..
Ex Tax:500.00€
Brand: TNE Scooters Model: Bumble Bee
Electric Kick Scooter - Bumble Bee, named as the color describes it.This folding kick scooter is quality made, fast, stable and secure.You will love riding around town with it and you can take it with you on buses, metro, and etc.  You daily city commuter, and it sure beets walking ????...
Ex Tax:902.42€
Brand: Vsett Scooters Model: vsett 11+
Electric kick scooter - Vsett 11+ | electrick kick scooters/electric scootersThe electric scooter of Vsett, the 11+ is a kick scooter made with high quality and technology. With NFC boot system, and much more, it makes it one of the best scooters in the world.Some of its main features are:85 km/h ma..
Ex Tax:2,095.97€
Brand: TNE Scooters Model: Q4-V3 Dual
Folding Scooter - Q4-V3 - Dual..
Ex Tax:1,120.97€
Brand: TNE Scooters Model: Q4-V3 Plus
Folding Scooter - Q4-V3 - Plus..
Ex Tax:798.39€
Brand: TNE Scooters Model: Q4-V4_Plus
Folding Scooter - Q4-V4_Plus..
Ex Tax:1,329.84€
Brand: TNE Scooters Model: Q4-V6
Folding Scooter - Q4-V6..
Ex Tax:1,766.13€
Brand: Vsett Scooters Model: vsett 10+
Electric scooter VSETT10+The Vsett 10+ was designed by VSETT engineers to be powerful, comfortable, safe and above all amazingly good looking. Every small aspect of the 10+, every inch of the scooter is made by the highest quality materials and is crafted with attention. The result is a refined prem..
Ex Tax:1,612.10€
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