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Electric Scooters for Delivery & Cargo

Electric Scooter - Pusa Delivery Electric Scooter - Pusa Delivery
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Brand: E-FUN Model: PSDEL
Electric Scooter - Pusa Delivery..
Ex Tax:1,927.42€
Electric scooter Delivery - Lipo Electric scooter Delivery - Lipo
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Brand: E-FUN Model: Lipo Delivery
Electric scooter Delivery - Lipo..
Ex Tax:1,927.42€
Brand: HORWIN Model: EK3 DS
Electric Scooter Delivery - EK3, electric scooters delivery Delivery,  Horwin EK3The EK3 DS is the electric scooter that has enough range to end your day comfortably, with an autonomy that reaches 160km (with 2 batteries), and with a max speed of 95km/h makes it ideal for your work.Get used to ..
Ex Tax:3,782.26€
Brand: HORWIN Model: EK1 DS
Electric Delivery Scooter - EK1 DS | electric delivery fleet scootersThe scooter which can go farther and can be able to finish your whole day with any km you can do per day.Download the Flyer above..
Ex Tax:2,733.87€
Brand: RED Electric Model: PRO50
Electric Delivery Scooter - PRO50 of RED electric The thoroughbred Delivery Scooter which is made in France and of top qualtiy Main Characteristics:Bosch MotorMichelin tyres City GripLG Battery (longlife)..
Ex Tax:2,458.87€
Electric tricycle (3wheeler) Delivery-Cargo - Storm Electric tricycle (3wheeler) Delivery-Cargo - Storm
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Brand: WheelnWater Technologies Model: STORM
Electric tricycle (3wheeler) (Delivery-Cargo distribution) - StormThis electric scooter has a patented TITL system, because the tricycles in the turns are visible, and it has a system specialized for the TITL system.The Storm distribution and transportation workhorse can make any Delivery-Cargo ..
Ex Tax:3,387.10€
Brand: WheelnWater Technologies Model: E10
Electric Scooter Delivery & Cargo - E10New Electric Scooter Delivery Cargo, the E-10New Delivery scooter with latest technology with many qualifications! High quality scooters made purely by one of the largest companies that deal only with Delivery & Cargo Scooters.90km/h top speed loaded! B..
Ex Tax:4,024.19€
Electric Delivery Cargo Scooter - Delivery Express Electric Delivery Cargo Scooter - Delivery Express
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Brand: WheelnWater Technologies Model: Delivery-Express
Electric Delivery Cargo Scooter - Delivery Express..
Ex Tax:2,814.52€
Scooter Delivery Cargo - S5 Scooter Delivery Cargo - S5
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Model: S5-Delivery
Electric Scooter Delivery Cargo - S5 Change your fleet now with the Delivery, Cargo electric scooter. Powered with BOSCH motor and SAMSUNG batteries! Powerful, long range (60-150km) depending on the choice of one or two batteries. The S5 Delivery Cargo Scooter is the most affordable to use as it can..
Ex Tax:2,330.65€
Electric scooter tricycle Delivery-Cargo Electric scooter tricycle Delivery-Cargo
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Brand: WheelnWater Technologies Model: Delivery-Express 3wheel
Electric scooter tricycle Delivery-Cargo, 3wheel delivery scootersThe future of Deliveries lies here with the latest technology scooters, powerful, reliable scooters trusted by companies and public around the world, due to its manufacturing and extensive experience (as this factory only manufactures..
Ex Tax:3,629.03€
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