Electric scooters: The ideal choice for traveling all year round

According to several estimates of experts in the electric market, everything now shows that the year 2020 was rightly characterized as a milestone year for smart travel. The spectacular rise in electric scooter sales that began last year looks set to continue in the coming years. The pandemic may have temporarily put a brake on some decisions, but it has created new needs and opportunities.

For example, teleworking, which will remain to some extent in companies, but also decentralized work. The latter makes electric scooters as the smart choice of transportation all year round. But why;

✅ Among the smartest and most efficient means of transportation in modern cities, compared to conventional vehicles, are electric scooters.

✅ The electric scooter saves money on every movement, on every kilometer, both with the absence of fuel and with the extremely low operating costs for service that are born by the conventional fuel motorcycles.

✅ In an annual report you will see the increase in this difference both in numbers and -literally- looking at your wallet and money. Extensive analysis on this topic can be found here.

The more you use electric scooters to travel instead of internal combustion engines, the more money you save.

The immediately economical solution, after electric scooters, is public transport. However, the combination of public transportation with electric scooters is a golden ratio that many prefer. The reason is simple. With electric scooters you save both time and autonomy in travel, something that public transport can not always guarantee. So, the latter work in addition to your travels.

Electric scooters are not a strictly seasonal solution, although some seasons may be more efficient and fun to use, such as in the spring for long-distance trips or in the summer as a flexible and economical transportation solution.

They are an ideal choice for a wide range of movements throughout the year. Whether it is your shopping in the market or your daily commute from home to work and back.

As the infrastructure network of electric vehicle charging stations expands and develops gradually, you will find that the utility of an electric scooter and the distances you can take increase.

But let's put aside the rise in sales of electric scooters and the excitement that accompanies it. It does not matter if many adopt an alternative relocation proposal as much as what is currently considered an alternative proposal will very soon be the prevailing relocation proposal for good and substantial reasons.

In other words, the need to move is real. The need for smarter, more flexible and economical transportation responds to an existing need, without creating a need that did not exist.

You may feel that after this reading you have good reason to consider electric scooters as an ideal choice for transportation. Remember that beyond this theory and analysis, practice will convince you. You can book an appointment today for a personalized test drive experience at Wheelnwater showroom.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our ultimate goal is not to sell, but to help you respond appropriately to your existing travel needs.