Electric motorcycle - The developments

As you have probably noticed, we have recently covered a lot of news about electric motorcycles. Electric motors were originally associated with electric scooters so it was rarer to hear about electric motorcycles, but today they are everywhere.

With all the "noise" of an electric motorcycle created, it can be difficult to maintain the necessary information. You may feel lost in all the upcoming news, so I thought it best to discuss in more detail where electric motorcycle technology is, where it is going and to some extent I would encourage you to talk and comment on what you can still expect and here on the WheelnWater Technologies blog.

One thing is for sure, electric motorcycles are the future and as cliché as it sounds, the future is already here. With regard to current emissions standards and the efficiency of an electric motor, I do not see how one could believe that electric motorcycles would not be enough to be the future of transportation.  This does not mean that motorcycles with internal combustion engines will disappear immediately. The internal combustion engine will run for a few more decades because people are familiar with their use, they are affordable and they make very "nice noises" as opposed to the feeling that electric motors can not.

However, let's see where electric motorcycles are today. What about electric motorcycles today?

The world of electric motorcycles is becoming extremely interesting. There is a lot going on in terms of technology and which manufacturers are entering the production race.

For some time now, traditional motorcycle companies and young and novice electricians have been trying to gain a foothold in electric bikes. In Japan, many well-known companies have worked together to advance battery technology. The US has released some outrageously priced models and seems to have designs for other motorcycles and electric vehicles.

There are electric motorcycles, scooters and mopeds that are starting to be produced everywhere. Everyone has their own unique idea of ​​what an electric motorcycle can or should be, from a high-powered, high-priced ride to an extremely affordable motorcycle. Regardless of who makes the bike, there seem to be four issues that all manufacturers need to address: Scope, performance, charging time and price. Some manufacturers have managed to mitigate only one by worsening the others.

If the range, charging time and performance are impressive, then the price is so high that it is not worth it.

Until price decreases or increases in range, charging times and performance, electric motorcycles will struggle to outperform their internal combustion competitors. The way the industry is evolving right now could take years, but improvements in battery technology in the coming years could make today's problems a thing of the past.

Solid state battery technology and flow battery technology could change everything. This technology will be released in the coming years and could reduce recharging times and significantly increase the range. When it starts, it will start first with cars and then it will reach the motorcycle industry.

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