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Underwater Drone - Dory Underwater Drone - Dory
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Brand: Chasing Innovation Model: DORY
Underwater Drone - DoryReveal what is hidden under the waters with the smallest underwater drone in the world.  Small but packed with technology.Great for family adventures, and underwater exploration.  Take quality pictures and video and capture something amazing!..
Ex Tax:475.81€
underwater drone - Gladius Mini underwater drone - Gladius Mini
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Brand: Chasing Innovation Model: Gladius Mini
Underwater Drone - Gladius Mini, underwater dronesExplore the waters like never before!Cutting edge technology packed with Great Camera for perfect underwater photography and 4K UHD high quality Videography.Gladius can dive at 100m depths, remote controlled, and with 45° Tilt lock and depth lock mak..
Ex Tax:1,120.97€
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