Lifeguard life saving Robot Self-driving Water Rescue Robot R1 has come

When it comes to unmanned driving, the first thing that flashes in our minds is the futuristic vehicles, such as cars, trucks, high-speed trains without drivers with more sophisticated technology. But if we only pay attention to unmanned driving on land, we may sort of ignore what is on water. FZBlue Technology’s Water Rescue Robot R1 (hereinafter referred to as 'R1') is a water rescue equipment suitable for government, emergency, and private aid groups. When emergency rescue becomes the only silver-lining, R1 plays a role.

Water Rescue Robot R1

According to some reports, one city in China has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in rescue over the past few years, and has specially set up water rescue points in several beaches and parks which with have tourists. However, even the nearest rescue point from those places couldn’t save them immediately. Here’s what happened - after receiving the request, they rushed to the scene of the accident, but it turned out what they could do was to retrieve the corpses from water.

When organizations, companies and others have realized that human rescue becomes inefficient or somehow risky, they have been thinking of a water rescue robot that can not only save people but also keep rescuers safe. So there R1 goes. R1 has a chip for self-driving, and a remote control controls the robot to drive to the drowning person to provide them a chance to hold onto it during emergency moment. The robot has built-in dual propellers that power at speeds of 21.6 kilometers per hour, more than 2 times faster than the fastest swimmer in the world. In 50 meters, it can reach the person within 8 seconds and within 15 seconds, it can reach the person 100 meters away. You can also turn on Auto Return to bring them back to the shore after. So under the rapid water flow and severe sea conditions, it then can undoubtedly reduce the risk for rescuers and also save people.

Water Rescue Robot R1

Although self-driving is an advanced technology, some people will however worry about the occurrence of vulnerabilities whether they will cause secondary harm. At the same time, they will also ask whether human rescue will be more reassuring in this case. As a matter of fact, if the R1 remote control, during the unmanned rescue process, loses the signal for example, R1 will automatically detect the occurrence of this problem happening, then will activate the Signal Losing Return mechanism to automatically return to the shore.

Take islands hopping as an example: In order to protect the natural environment around, the areas close to the islands often do not have too much surveillance and advanced facilities. Many tourists including children, even take off their life jackets to experience the beauty of nature themselves. But that’s what makes it dangerous. There’s a kid at the island trying to prove that he could swim without life jacket, but his feet, due to inexperience of swimming, were tripped by a large roll of seaweed under the sea. And he started to be panic owing to his unbalanced body on the sea, then he was being drowned. But the lifeguard found the there’s something going on on water surface looking like there’s a person waving with his hands with head down under, and then quickly determined the approximate location, and sent a water rescue robot R1 to rescue. After the child held onto the robot, he soon got his balance back (the robot has a buoyancy of 750N, which is equivalent to four swimming rings). The safeguard turned on One-touch Auto Return on remote control which can reach 800 meters far to take the child back to the shore safely. 

Water Rescue Robot R1

With the constant pursuit of technology, many areas are constantly improving in the field of unmanned driving, and some even strive to completely get rid of manpower through robot. In the field of water rescue, human rescue may appear to be traditional and somewhat risky, according to the situation of the person who fell into the water, as they rescue people by manpower and some tools during dangerous environment. But R1 tends to be advanced being controlled by remote control and driven