The Best Electric scooters and motorcycles

At a time when public transport has never been less attractive, people are trying to choose alternative means of transportation between their destinations. In addition, the state, with the support of a relevant budget, decided to subsidize the acquisition of electric vehicles, making their circulation easier.

If you are thinking of a new way to get around, WheelnWater electric scooters and electric motorcycles are an excellent choice because they are energy efficient and very easy to drive. Electric scooters have also improved significantly in recent years. In particular, battery technology has greatly improved over the years, giving riders faster charging time and greater range and therefore a particularly attractive range. These technological improvements make electric scooters and electric motorcycles an even more sustainable method of transportation for more people.

It is worth mentioning the battery technology. At WheelnWater you will find electric scooters and electric motorcycles equipped with batteries from CATL, the leading battery manufacturer.

CATL is a technology company specializing in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, energy storage systems and battery management systems. It is a protagonist in the world market. These batteries are the same as those worn by Tesla electric vehicles as CATL is its supplier.

Indicatively, the highest quality electric motorcycles that you will find in the Greek market, from WheelnWater, are the models Lipo, Pusa, Tiger, Puma, which is available in various versions, all of which are equipped with a CATL battery. Its battery is characterized as the best in the world with a warranty of 8 years or 80,000 kilometer

More information about the models mentioned above can be found here!

From the electric motorcycles, the M6 ​​model of E-FUN stands out. Equipped with CATL batteries it has a warranty of eight years or 80,000 kilometers as well. More information about the M6 ​​model can be found on WheelnWater website.

When choosing an electric scooter or electric motorcycle, the main factors to consider are the quality, weight, adequacy of spare parts and especially the battery. All of these factors should be taken into account when comparing models. Experts tend to advise interested buyers, for the first time, to look for a scooter or an electric motorcycle that is, above all, light. It also emphasizes the importance of the suspension, which allows your scooter to move smoothly along the road, even when conditions are less than ideal.

Without adequate suspension, you will feel like you are driving a "compressor". Special care must also be taken because the market, mainly electric scooters, is flooded with cheaper models, which are often manufactured with less durable components and may be prone to product recalls. At WheelnWater you will not have this concern as we choose the best electric scooters and electric motorcycles, non-negotiable with high quality standards that suit the Greek market.

In conclusion, do not buy a cheap scooter with a cheap suspension. If the suspension breaks or wears out while you are developing speed, safety is a serious issue.

Another thing to remember is that by buying from WheelnWater, you have a very good level of after-sales support. Buyers often think that if they choose an electric scooter, it will last as long as a traditional bicycle, with little maintenance required. However, electric scooters, although simple in design, have sophisticated electronics and battery systems that will likely require replacement over time. This is confirmed by almost every expert who echoes this conclusion.

Before buying, make sure that your electronic scooter or electric motorcycle can be properly maintained and that it has a good warranty with spare parts.

In our company, with a sense of responsibility and many years of experience in the field of electric vehicles, you will find selected and tested models at incomparable prices.