An incredibly efficient driving system

The advantage of owning an electric motorcyle

Exciting performance. "Carefree" ownership.

There are some clear advantages to electricity: No need to visit the gas station, no exhaust, etc. In addition, there are many benefits that electric scooter and motorcycle owners experience on a regular basis that is not so obvious. Behind the design of every cutting-edge model is a philosophy of elegant simplicity that keeps the weight of the electric motor low, virtually eliminates all the usual engine maintenance work and delivers "hidden" acceleration.  The result is an incredibly exciting route experience and a ownership experience that you will appreciate with every mile. Do not hesitate to make an appointment and visit us for a test drive for an electric scooter in the specially designed showroom of electrictromobility of WheelnWater Technologies.

A long-term perspective

As a leading company in the field of electric motorcycle and scooter marketing, Wheelnwater selects every electric motorcycle with the kind of quality and integrity that inspires a great driving experience. Apart from that, the initial cost of an electric scooter is not what seems to be comparable to the traditional corresponding internal combustion engines. Every kilometer traveled by an electric motor is much less expensive, making it much more enjoyable, due to the elimination of the usual engine maintenance and without fuel costs.  As has been shown again in this article, compared to other gasoline fuel engines, an electric motorbike or electric scooter starts to save money on fuel and maintenance from day one! In fact, during the life of their electric motor or scooter, many homeowners find that they actually save more money than they would have spent if they had purchased a similar internal combustion model. 

In the diagram below, you can see a graphic representation of the savings achieved if we compare an electric motor with a corresponding motor with an internal combustion engine. You will notice that these savings result in the long run both from the absence of fuel and from the very low cost that you will spend on service for an electric motorbike.

Almost Zero Maintenance

All electric motorcycles that you will find in us, have a drive system that does not require maintenance. As an incredibly efficient system, the drive is transmitted directly from the engine to the rear wheel via a powerful and silent, stable belt. Not only does direct driving minimize friction loss by eliminating clutches and gears, but it also helps eliminate the need for regular engine maintenance and reduces the weight of the electric motor.

No matter how many articles you read, either on our up-to-date e-mobility blog or on the internet, we insist on one thing: A test will convince you!

You can call the phones you will find on our page to make an appointment for a test drive. We believe that the moment when theory "marries" with practice is important. For this reason, we encourage those interested to try a driving experience in practice and ask us the questions they want.