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WheelnWater Technologies, in an effort to boost electric mobility throughout the world, and in an effort to inform consumers in this direction, has created the website. We are a group of young people with love and passion for our "machines"!  Move smart, green, and economical!

As our name is WHEEL N WATER (Wheel and Water) Technologies, we bring you innovative technology products from the largest and most reliable factories around the world.

Our vision is to fill all the cities and villages of the world with Electric Vehicles for a smart way, really economical!

To keep you up to date on the new Underwater Drones ROV's, Lifeguard Robots, surfboards and ocean scooters which are just some of our innovative water products. Take videos and photos under the sea, professionally, up to professional marine equipment for boat inspections, aquaculture inspections, easily and daily.

We want to spread electric mobility and move forward by preparing the most appropriate framework for the supply of electric vehicles while promoting charging infrastructures.

specialists in electric vehicles and electric ocean products!

We also manufacture tailor made scooters custom made to your needs and specifications such as public tender government orders, shops, rentals, organizations etc. Ask us to give you our offer. We are always at your disposal for any information or clarification.

All of our machines (goods) are certified to international standards and in particular European Union such as, EEC, COC, CE, ISO9001, ROHS.

Electric scooters and motorcycles have safety and registration numbers, while they have no video and no traffic charges as they are green.

For a cleaner, greener, smarter, atmosphere!

We offer world-class high quality services, already exported to 15 countries, through our premium distribution network.

WheelnWater Technologies is pleased to be able to offer its products to consumers now, with just a few buttons away from the product you are looking for. Order easily, quickly, and with WheelnWater Technologies' warranty.

We are, and will be by your side, and will continue to offer high-tech machinery at affordable prices.

WheelnWater Technologies

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