5 tips to help you choose the best electric motorbike for you

The electric motorcycle you choose depends on your personal preferences and driving behavior. The good news is that there is an electric motorbike out there for every rider.

With so many factors at play in choosing the right battery powered electric motorcycle, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do not worry, we got you covered.

Whoever is the rider, here are the 5 basic tips to consider when choosing the best electric motorbike for you.

1. Decide how to use your motorcycle

In the past, the main incentive to buy an electric bicycle would have been to reduce the carbon footprint. However, with electric motors competing on par with gasoline-powered models in terms of performance and variety, you can now choose an engine that suits your specific needs.

These may include:

  • Tourist needs
  • Adventurous excursions
  • Daily commutes

The next tip will largely determine if you can get your electric motor across the country or if it is more suitable for going to and from the office.

2. Range (Autonomy)

Range or autonomy refers to the total distance your machine can travel per charge. The overall range estimate given in the specifications of a machine can be influenced by a few different factors, such as:

  • The "style" of the rider
  • The weather conditions
  • Traffic on the streets
  • The type of street
  • The height and weight of the rider

When considering the best electric scooter for you, it is important to make some assessments. These will include not only the daily distance in kilometers, but also the nature of your route (eg city roads, highways, rural areas and access to charging stations). This resolution is important, as all electric motors have a maximum range when fully charged. Look at the manufacturer's specifications in particular to make sure that they refer to city, highway or mixed cycle kilometers.

The range of electric motors varies from one model to another. Lighter, models offer a distance of about 110 kilometers, while some heavier, models reach about 250 kilometers.

Here at WheelnWater, the Puma and Tiger models have a range of over 200 km (city and freeway).

3. Power, torque and speed

Now that you have thought about how you use your motorbike and the range it has, let's move on to its power, torque and speed. In other words, what can you expect when you press the accelerator!

There is some confusion about the difference between these terms

Briefly, we will analyze each:


Power - Used to determine the horsepower of a machine.

Torque - The higher the torque, the greater the acceleration.

Speed ​​- Quite obvious how it is measured. The speed depends on the engine power and the weight of the motorcycle.

A question we are often asked is: "Are electric motors faster than gas?" We answer with a resounding yes. Don't you believe us? Take a look at the power, torque and top speed of WheelnWater Flash, CR6PRO & M6 models.

4. Seat height, riding position and vehicle weight

It is important that the machine you choose has the right dimensions and weight as well as the right seat height. Proper ergonomics of the machine means that you will be comfortable and in control, regardless of your driving position.

However, the driving position changes depending on whether you are traveling in the city in a more upright position or out there leaning forward on slopes. As the driving position changes, so should your engine.

5. Battery life

This is an important question - let's face it - the battery is the heart of the machine. To be clear, this is the number of times the battery can be recharged and not the autonomy of a fully charged battery.

The battery life of electric motorcycle has jumped in recent years. Look for our models that wear CATL  batteries for maximum life!

Rest assured that the motorcycle you choose will have a long battery life. When you start to see the battery deteriorate, you will already be ready for a new motorbike.