10 reasons why to buy an Electric Scooter or motorcycle

There are several good reasons why electric mobility is an option that many people turn to for their daily commute. It is worth noting that electric propulsion is considered the best alternative form of propulsion which shows an increase in preference by 40%. The rapid technological advances in the field of electric propulsion combined with the forthcoming measures and the subsidy that will be given for the purchase of electric vehicles are a good period to turn to electric propulsion for your movement.

Let's look at 10 reasons why you should choose an electric scooter:

1. Save money:

The savings and depreciation of the money you will make with the purchase of an electric scooter is in a short time and depends on your preferences and habits in transportation.

From day one, you avoid paying for tickets or tickets for buses, trains, trolleys, subways or expensive ubers and taxis. You can also save money by using an electric scooter that does not burn fuel but uses a battery. In addition, you will benefit from the subsidies that will be given for the purchase of an electric scooter. You will not need to pay for fuel again and in general you will not waste almost anything for too many years (depending of course on the quality of the battery).

2. Economy and time flexibility:

You can have your own departure schedule exactly when you want to instead of waiting or missing a bus. Your travels will be more consistent every day, significantly bypassing traffic.

In busy cities, time is an issue and electric scooters can help you save a lot of time on the road. You just have to recharge the batteries for a while. The electric scooter will save you valuable time that would otherwise be spent on traffic, gas stations and parking lots.

3. Ease of charging:

The electric scooter can be charged from any electrical outlet, however, it is very important to use its original charger. It is also possible to use a charger for even more time savings. Charging can be done at home or at work. Electric scooters charge easily and fairly quickly. Of course, there are models that take 4-8 hours. Charging time depends on the capacity of the battery, its previous load and other factors, such as the Watt of the motor, but on average the scooter charges faster.

4. Security:

The safety of passengers is of paramount importance and electric scooters have different safety features. Each electric scooter has a manual acceleration control along with brakes. Also, most electric scooters offer backlighting.

5. Fun and enjoyment:

It's a fun and easy way to get around the city and beyond. For example, you can even use your electric scooter to perform your shopping tasks or explore your city on the weekends or on out-of-town excursions with the largest cubic scooters. You will be able to be outside and get fresh air instead of carrying your phone which means you will start to feel more awake and refreshed.

6. Low purchase cost:

The cost of buying an electric scooter is affordable. As announced by the Greek state, the facility for the purchase of electric scooters is even greater as 20% of its nominal value, with a limit of € 800, is provided to the buyer in the form of a subsidy.

7. Environmental friendly:

Electric scooters use battery and have extremely low noise levels, ensuring noise-free rides. In addition, they operate with a Direct Drive system, without the slightest emission of smoke or pollutants.

8. Ease of maintenance:

Electric scooters have a durable body and specifications. The design is very simple and you just need to do a good periodic check. Maintenance is very economical and with much lower requirements compared to conventional scooters. Electric scooters do not need service as they do not have oils, filters, etc. The main consumables are only the pads and tires, however we also have scooters with regenerative braking, which means that the pads do not break easily.

9. Comfort and smoothness:

Many models have a very comfortable seat that makes driving more relaxing. In addition, the frame is long enough for a person of average weight to hold it without bending forward. The rear brake, manual acceleration control and inflatable tires with the appropriate width and diameter are combined to offer you a pleasant experience with smoothness on all surfaces.

10. Ease of parking:

Due to its ergonomic design and small size, the electric scooter can be parked in a small space, which is especially useful for those who move to busy areas and the city center, where finding a parking space can mean a lot of time and cost if select position rental.

Since different companies make electric scooters, it is important to have a general idea of ​​these scooters before making a final decision. At WheelnWater we looked at many different electric scooters and judged which ones are most suitable for the Greek market, based on our road network and daily commuting needs.

At WheelnWater we have the best electric scooters that make you stand out because you should consider buying one for your travels. Nowadays, with the current health crisis and the coronation, it is very important to keep social distances and avoid buses, trains, trolleys and the subway when we can.
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