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electric scooters, EFUN, electric motorcycles
electric scooters, EFUN, electric motorcycles
Electric Scooter, electric scooters, electric motorcycles
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E l e c t r i c   S c o o t e r   -   T I G E R

7 k w   -   C A T L   b a t t e r y

A t   t h e   S p e e d   y o u   N e e d !

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Conquer  the  waters

Introducing the World’s 1st Intelligent, 5-Thruster Mini-size Underwater Drone. Record 4K UHD video and take 12 MP photos from 330-foot depths, at speeds up to 4 knots!

Explore UnderWater

Imagine holding the ocean in the palm of your hand. This is the idea Imagine holding the ocean in the palm of your hand. This is the idea behind CHASING DORY, the world's smallest Underwater Drone. Take pictures or video like a pro! With a 15M wired tether between the drone and the buoy, there is plenty of room to explore any underwater world.

P o w e r R a y -

Explore the Underwater World

PowerRay's integrated 4K UHD camera allows filmmakers to shoot underwater content for movies, research,and creative underwater photography. Take control of PowerRay and explore the underwater world!

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